Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens on a typical volunteer day?

A: When you volunteer at our warehouse, you might build Food Paks, scoop beans, bag pasta, wrap toys, or package a variety of other gifts to help suffering children and families around the world.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to volunteer?

A: No, there is no minimum age required to participate in our warehouses. CHF encourages and values family participation, and it's a great way to instill service and community to our little ones. Individuals must be 13 or older to create their own volunteer account, and we do ask that anyone under 16 has adult supervision to help ensure your children are working on age-appropriate projects.

Q: How do I sign up a group to volunteer?

A: Families or groups wishing to register together will need to be registered as a team. The individual coordinating the group registration (i.e. the "Team Captain"), should (1) register as a volunteer, (2) create a team, and (3) sign that team up for a specific volunteer opportunity. Team members can later be added or removed, both from the team as a whole, and also from specific opportunities.

Q: How do I sign up others for a date I already signed up as an individual?

A: To add a team when you're already signed up as an individual, go to your account, and click "Remove Me" from the volunteer opportunity. You can then go back to the opportunity, and click "Sign up with a team" to add your group to the date.

Q: How do I add myself to the waiting list for an opportunity that is already full?

A:By clicking on "Sign up" on the specific opportunity you're interested in, you will be notified when any spaces open up for that date. You will then be able to sign up yourself and your team (if applicable) for the opportunity.

Q: What is the difference between a public and private team?

A: A public team allows other volunteers to see your team name, and add themselves to your team's registration for a particular date. A private team does not show up on a team search, and members can only be added by a team captain.

Q: Does your organization certify community service hours?

A: Yes, Children's Hunger Fund is happy to certify yours or your student's community service hours. Children's Hunger Fund does not certify court-ordered community service hours.

Q. May I bring my children?

A. Of course! CHF celebrates family and we encourage you to bring your children and model a life of service to them. We do suggest that you plan for a ratio of one adult for every five children under 16.